David Bennett is a photographer and musician based in Manchester, UK. Send a message via email or follow on Twitter.

Editioned prints are produced by the photographer using the latest generation Epson printers with Harman FB Al papers. Please send an email to enquire about edition information and pricing.

May 2014 - 'Radium Street', Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester
July / September 2012 - 'Perfect Exposures 2012', The Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles (Jurors: Eli Reed, Jose Aurelio Barrera, Aline Smithson, Nick Ut and Armando Arorizo)
December 2011 / January 2012 - 'Uncanny: Surreal Photography', PhotoPlace Gallery, VT. (Juror: Russell Joslin)
November 2010 - 'Wide-Awake Dreaming', PhotoPlace Gallery, VT. (Juror: Russell Joslin)
May / June 2010 - 'PhotoPlace Open' (On-line Annex and book), PhotoPlace Gallery, VT. (Juror: Keith Carter)
May/June 2009 - 'Mind's Eye', The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO. (Juror: Christopher Rauschenberg)
March/April 2009 - 'Imagine', Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles (Juror: Susan Burnstine)
September/November 2008 - 'After Life', Watson Studio Gallery, TX. (Jurors: George Krause and Carol Watson)
September 2006/Early 2007 - 'West', Kro, Manchester
September 2006 - 'A Day In The Life', Norwich Playhouse
June 2006 - 'A Day In The Life', Cheltenham
April 2006 - 'A Day In The Life', The Hub, Edinburgh
March/April 2006 - 'A Day In The Life', Kro, Manchester
September/October 2005 - 'A Day In The Life', The Manchester Museum


All images © David Bennett. All rights reserved.